[ecasound] newbee want mixing a 3 channel wav file

From: Willy WOLFF <willy.wolff.0@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Sep 14 2011 - 19:45:48 EEST


I would like to mixing a 3 channel wav file with :
- first track of wave file 90% left panning
- second --------------- 50-50 pan
- third 90% right panning and amplifing 300%
and finaly output to one stereo wav file.

This is my command, but doesn't wath i want :

ecasound -a:1,2,3 -f:,3 -i tm-2011-09-12T22\:10\:46.wav \
    -a:1 -epp:10 \
    -a:2 -epp:50 \
    -a:3 -epp:90 -ea:300 \
    -a:all -f:,2 -o final.wav

On right channel, i have second and third track amplified. I only want
third track amplified. Wath's wrong?


ps: i am french man, i know my english is saddly poor ...

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