Re: [ecasound] ecasound-2.5.2 wrongly displayes clipping info ?

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Apr 14 2009 - 12:45:57 EEST


briefly returning this old thread.

On Mon, 1 Sep 2008, Sergei Steshenko wrote:
> You mentioned some kind of guard-band coefficient - just let user set
> it, and change default so that -32768..32767 CD audio range will be
> considered not to have clipping.
> Again, in practical terms I need the "Max gain without clipping" value;
> but if I see a warning message about clipping, I want to make sure it's
> not there. I often repeat that by default I consider warnings to be errors,
> so for me the best way is not to have false warnings in the first place.

I now committed a change that removes the "Clipped samples" stats from
"-ev". The "Max gain without clipping" is still available as that has
clear semantics (and is useful).

To get the same effect, I'll add more 'volume buckets' to "-ev" to get the
same effect. So you'll have a counter for samples in (0dB,3dB],
(-0.1dB,0dB] and (-3dB,0dB] ranges.

If there's a real need to track sample counts for an arbitrary amplitude
range, then let's add that separately.

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