Re: [ecasound] delta66, chains, and ecasound

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Sun Mar 08 2009 - 13:00:56 EET

Hello Lance!
   If you use ALSA, you don't want to use hw, you DEFINITELY WANT plughw.
Plughw does some convenience conversions and detections(?) for you. Like
sampling rate and the like.
   With jack use something like:
jackd --timeout 4500 -R -d alsa -d hw:2 -r 44100 -z shaped -p 128
   If you like 48000 Hz samplingrate, jst say so, where 44100 is written now.
This will do exactly what you want.
   Then you can use:
tty# jack_lsp
   To see the ports (ins and outs). They have names in the format:
   The client is the name of the program (system or alsa_pcm for the soundcard
ports) and port_name is the name of a "jack" where you can plug in.
   Assume you've started ecasound:
ecasound -f:16,1,44100 -a:1 -i jack -o mic1.wav -a:2 -i jack -o mic2.wav -c
[copious output]
ecasound ('h' for help)> engine-launch
[change console, tty]

tty# jack_lsp
   Now you should see:
   Now you want to connect your mics:
tty# jack_connect system:capture_1 ecasound:in_1
tty# jack_connect system:capture_2 ecasound:in_2
   Then press 't' in ecasound and press 's' when you want to stop. See the
small help 'h' inside ecasound for some basic commands.
   The same goes for outputs. You can just connect them the same way. Always be
sure to connect them like this:
jack_connect sound_producer sound_consumer
   Ecasound still supports the object jack_alsa. So to play some sound to the
first - who knows how many outputs you chose in -f - use:
ecasound [options] -i input -o jack_alsa
   No need to connect anything, ecasound does it for you. There's also a new
jack object. But I keep forgetting, I use nama, which is pretty good and
helpful for doing good old fashioned multitrack recording and processing,
   Very long winded, for which I appologise, but hopefully helpful.
   Kindest regards

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