Re: [ecasound] mp3 output silence at begin and end

From: Reza Iskandar Achmad <reza@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Feb 06 2009 - 19:54:32 EET

Hello Kai,

Thank you for responding...

Do you mean I need to generate a tone, let's say use ecasound and lame

$ ecasound -i tone,sine,440,22.25 -o tone.wav
$ ecasound -i tone.wav -o tone.mp3
$ ecasound -i tone.mp3 -o tone-check.wav

Would you like to let me know if I looking the tone-check.wav with a hex
editor what that indicates the zero-samples?


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> From: Kai Vehmanen [mailto:kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden]
> Hi,
> On Tue, 20 Jan 2009, Reza Iskandar Achmad wrote:
> > I use ecasound 2.5.2 to open input (-i) wav then output to mp3 (lame)
> >
> > Here it is cmd line I used:
> >
> > ecasound -i sample.wav -o output.mp3
> >
> > output file is great, but at the beginning and the end of mp3 there
> are
> > silence some ms. Lame FAQ tells me why this happen.
> >
> > How do know exact duration of silences ? any suggestion
> I'm afraid the exact amount of padding depends on the input file length
> (how it aligns with mp3 frame boundaries) and the version of lame
> used. The lame FAQ is probably still the best source of information:
> ... (although probably you've already read through that). One way to
> test/verify the amount of padding is what you expect it to be (based on
> the lame documentation), is to generate a sine tone file with exact
> same
> length as sample.wav, encode it to mp3, decode it back, and check
> amount
> of zero-samples with a wave editor, or even by looking at the decoded
> file
> with a hex editor.
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