[ecasound] towards 2.6, another pre-release available

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Feb 01 2009 - 21:23:56 EET

Hello all,

as the pile of changes has grown sufficienly since 2.5.2, it's time to put
2.6.0 out. I was going to make the release out already today, but the mail
Julien sent on Thursday was a bit worrying, so it is probably best to have
at least one round pre-testing for the current code.

I've pushed the latest changes to the git tree, and a tarball snapshot is
also available at (md5sum 6f0e8bbf268173dc4e458fd29aac1781)

To give you an overall view of what areas of functionality have been
touched, here's a NEWS file diff containing entries that have been
added/updated this year (Jan-Feb 2009):

+++ b/NEWS
+xx0y2009 (v2.6.0) -** stable release **-
+ - note: key changes are described in more detail at:
+ http://eca.cx/relnotes/ecasound_v2_6_0_relnotes.txt
+ - added: interactive mode - new commands 'jack-connect',
+ 'jack-disconnect' and 'jack-list-connections'; see
+ ecasound-iam(1) for details; closes sffeat:2134183
+ - added: ecasound options '--server', '--server-tcp-port' and
+ '--no-server'; these replace the misleading old
+ options '--daemon', '--nodaemon' and '--daemon-port',
+ which are now deprecated
+ - added: extended unit tests to cover option parsing, with
+ some initial test cases
+ - added: unit test framework - minor improvements including
+ abilitity to select which cases to run
@@ -47,16 +54,54 @@ xx0y2008 (v2.6.0) -** stable release **-
+ - changed: compile libecasoundc as PIC code to make it possible
+ to use it from shared libraries; fixes problems
+ with e.g. Audio::Ecasound on amd64 architecture ;
+ closes sfbug:2505551
+ - changed: ecasound option -f now accepts empty arguments for
+ sample format, channel count and sampling rate; empty
+ argument states that ecasound can pick a suitable
+ value, either the default value or e.g. the JACK
+ system sampling rate; updated documentation, see
+ ecasound(1)
+ - changed: minor update ecasound's "--help"
+ - changed: when reading RIFF WAVE files, properly ignore
+ any unknown subchunk types
+ - fixed: 'dump-cop-value' did not work as documented
+ - fixed: interactive mode - loop devices saved with incorrect
+ syntax, affects cs-save, cs-save-as and cs-edit ; see
+ http://eca.cx/ecasound-list/2009/01/0058.html
+ - fixed: problems when seeking back to start with setups using
+ loop devices; closes sfbug:2527049
+ - fixed: segfault if using a tone generator input with a fixed
+ lenght, and a seek past the end of stream was performed
+ - fixed: aac/ogg/mikmod/mid inputs - once object reached state
+ 'finished' (all samples played), it cannot be played
+ again by reconnectin the chainsetup
+ - fixed: combination of '--server' and '-C' (disable interactive
+ mode) had a bug that prevented processing of commands
+ received over the server socket while the engine
+ was running the batchmode
+ - fixed: a nasty bug in 'playat' implementation causing audible
+ artifacts ; see
+ http://eca.cx/ecasound-list/2009/01/0089.html
+ - fixed: sndfile and audiofile backends - emit a warning if
+ a seek fails (e.g. when seeking beyond current
+ end-of-file for output objects)
+ - fixed: various improvements and fixes related to using
+ non-seekable audio objects (especially interactive
+ use); in most cases this means graceful recovery
+ from failed seek attempts, and correct reporting of
+ the objects actual current position

The full list of changes since 2.5.2 is available at:
- http://eca.cx/ecasound/history.php

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