[ecasound] strange artifacts when mixing multiple wav files with playat

From: Erik Nomitch <enomitch@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jan 27 2009 - 00:48:56 EET


I'm trying to mix a list of samples together and running into some
quirks. Everything mixes in the correct places, but I'm getting weird
artifacts. I have a directory of evidence/clues here:

For this example, I'm mixing in four different instances of sample.wav
into out.wav. On samples 1 and 3 the sample seems to play for a split
second and before it's supposed to and then continues playing as you
can see here: http://eriknomitch.com/misc/ecasound/ss.png

I'm using ecasound 2.5.2. This happens when I compile from source and
when I use my package manager (both 2.5.2). I have tried this with a
few different .wav files with similar hiccups. This also happens when
I send to -o:alsa

Erik Nomitch

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