[ecasound] mp3 output file truncated

From: decoulon christian <rethenor11@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Aug 16 2006 - 01:42:34 EEST

Hi all,
I am totally newbie in sound processing and ecasound
I tried to compress a mp3 file (rate 160k) with
ecasound with some luck but two things are not as I
The output file is at 128k rate (not the original
160k) and for some files I get an output file with
some 5 seconds missing at the end...
How to preserve the mp3 rate for output, and avoid the
end truncated...
Is my command line incorrect or some parameter missing
THANKS in advance for any help...
BECAUSE the quality output is really nice !
chris geneva switzerland

rr4linux test # ecasound -eca:0,0,0,0 -i basie57.mp3
-o basie57ok.mp3
* ecasound v2.4.3 (C) 1997-2005 Kai Vehmanen
and others
- [ Session created ]
- [ Chainsetup created (cmdline) ]
- [ Connecting chainsetup ]
(eca-chainsetup) 'nonrt' buffering mode selected.
(eca-chainsetup) Audio object "basie57.mp3", mode
(audio-io) Format: s16_le, channels 2, srate 44100,
(eca-chainsetup) Audio object "basie57ok.mp3", mode
(audio-io) Format: s16_le, channels 2, srate 44100,
- [ Chainsetup connected ]
(eca-control-objects) Connected chainsetup:
- [ Controller/Starting batch processing ]
- [ Engine init - Driver start ]
(audioio-mp3) Starting to encode basie57ok.mp3 with
- [ Controller/Batch processing finished ]
(eca-control-objects) Disconnecting chainsetup:
- [ Chainsetup disconnected ] --------------------------------------------------

 p4.vert.ukl.yahoo.com uncompressed/chunked Tue Aug 15 22:13:30 GMT 2006
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