Re: [ecasound] flac error END_OF_STREAM

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Apr 21 2006 - 21:57:33 EEST

On Fri, 21 Apr 2006, Jason White wrote:

> Do the forward and rewind console-mode commands work with flac files now?

As Florian wrote, unfortunately not by default yet. This would require
reimplementing flac support using libflac (ecasound linking against it;
like we do with libsndfile, libaudiofile, ALSA, JACK, etc) instead of the
current "ecasound forks flac" model (others: mp3, ogg, mid, mikmod,

But, but, it seems flac has been recetly added to libsndfile. So if you
have libsndfile 1.0.12 or newer, you can do:

ecasound -i sndfile,test.flac -o alsa -c

And rw, setpos, etc will work! I didn't actually know about this, so this
is a nice surprise for me to. :) There seems to be some issues with output
still (either buggy code in ecasound, or something still missing from
sndfile), but once that's working, I'll switch sndfile to be the default
handler for flac files (with the fork-based impl. as a backup for those
who don't have libsndfile).

[1] The fork-approch is of course somewhat clumsy way to support a file
   format, but sufficient for certain types of use (simple recording and
   playback). The benefit is avoiding additional library dependencies
   and all the associated overhead that comes with it (dealing with interface
   changes, different versions of the library, etc). The console mode
   tools, in contrast, seem to be fairly stable. I don't think we've had a single
   problem that was caused by some console tool (mpg123, lame, oggenc,
   flac, etc) changing the option syntax or some other change.

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