Re: [ecasound] recording from jack

From: John Rigg <>
Date: Wed Apr 19 2006 - 21:19:07 EEST

On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 12:30:32PM +0200, Jure Pe??ar wrote:
> Digging deeper and deeper ... Another sign of my problems would be
> jackd being killed by watchdog if I run it with -R (realtime) and
> spitting between 24000 and 25000 XRUNs every two seconds if I run it
> without ... First I blamed it on default centos kernel (being server
> oriented and all), but now I got 2.6.16-rt16 running and the issue
> remains.
> Looking at /proc/interrupts, I see the interrupt counter increasing
> only on one card while jackd is running ... This can't be good, can it?
> It is the same if I boot the machine with noapic (cards sit on irqs 7
> and 10) or not (217 and 225).
> This is a server board (E7520) ... any expirience with such things?
> Any known-good hardware recomendations for such setup (two envy24
> cards)?

How are you synchronizing the word clocks on your two cards? I had
similar problems with my two Delta 1010s until I discovered that
the word clock input `locked' indicator in envy24control was working
the wrong way around. It's since been fixed, but I know there was
still an issue with the 1010LT (also fixed AFAIK). If you are
using S/PDIF instead of word clock input to sync the cards the only
indication that they are synchronized is that jackd runs properly.
If you have a bad S/PDIF connection you'll get a slew of xruns
scrolling off the screen (or the watchdog timer will kill jackd if
using -R).


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