[ecasound] emulating jamin

From: Warren Smith <warren@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Feb 24 2006 - 12:52:46 EET

Thanks for Ecasound first of all. I do not have a fast computer and I
really appreciate ecasounds ability to work within my humble
environment. I make audiobooks which are released under Creative
Commons (literalsystems.org) and I've been using Ecasound more and
more in production the more I get comfortable with the command line.

Something I'd like to do is emulate the mastering step the program
Jamin allows. The EQ and range of dynamic compression that Jamin
achieves is great but it is the biggest hog of processing power of all
my audio tools. It would be great to find an example of an Ecasound
script that can duplicate the mastering process of Jamin.

Surely it is possible :) to emulate the mastering step of Jamin
through ecasound for non realtime processing. Has anyone ever tried
this before? It would really be neat if Jamin allowed one to save
their parameter settings into an Ecasound .ecs file for process
rendering outside of the GUI but that is, I am sure, a subject outside
of Ecasound discussion groups domain.

sincerely Warren Smith

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