[ecasound] Multiple Instances running concurrently scaling...

From: Richard McCluskey <richard@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 12:46:09 EET


I am a LAMP programmer writing a 'Fair Trade' digital download service,
in PhP, for independent musicians ( www.mysongstore.com ), and I would
like to use ecasound in one part of my system ( a part that creates a 20
- 30 second sound clip from a 'user uploaded' file). I have some
questions regarding ecasound's abilities and a weird execution problem.
Please excuse me if I am overly verbose, I tried many things before I
took to writing here... :)

Here is the use overview
I will have many simultaneous users uploading mp3s to my system, and
each one needs to have a clip created from it, on the fly, immediately
after PhP has passed the uploaded file to its destination directory. I
read through your user guide and the tutorial, and got this so far :

ecasound -i /path/to/upLoadedFile.mp3 -y:60
-o /same/path/clip-upLoadedFile.mp3 -t:30

(I will eventually, hopefully, also be able to create a fade-in at the
beginning and a fade-out at the end, but I haven't figured out how to do
that part in ecasound yet)

I am then using this in my PhP program, passed to the command line
using exec(). The clip should be created, and all good, but .....

The Problem
no file is created, and nothing is logged. I have run the exact same PhP
program from the command line itself and ecasound performed correctly
and created the clip. However, the very same program run as a web app
fails to create a file, a log, an error, it dies silently.

the research
I found a wrapper for ecasound as a module for PhP
(http://pecl.php.net/package/ecasound), but it required a PhP recompile,
and said that it will fail if it ran in multiple instances.... which
renders it useless for me and made me wonder if ecasound can actually do
what I would like it to...

Finally the questions ...
1. can ecasound handle more than one instance, like in daemon mode?
(could it handle the simultaneous clip creations)

2. what is the memory footprint like when it scales if point 1 is true?

3. any idea why the web app fails ?

4. Am I nutz for trying in the first place ? If so can you steer me to
somewhere I might find an app that does what I need ?

thank you for any time you put to this. I understand htat I am not using
ecasound in the manner for which it was intended, but it could really
help me if I could get it to work. I would love to use it for

best regards,


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