[ecasound] Re: mixmode,sum bug?

From: LinuxMedia <linuxmedia2@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Jan 22 2006 - 00:10:40 EET

Is it possible that no one has encountered this bug? Or have people
found a way around it? I've tried many workarounds and researched as
much as I can. Any ideas of how to work around this would be very
appreciated. I tried "-klg:" and "-kl2:" with an "end-value" of zero,
but they only work once through. Once you rewind, "-ea:" is stuck at
zero volume. Doing a "cs-remove/cs-add" is not feasible with what I'm
trying to accomplish.


ecasound-list@email-addr-hidden wrote:
> In the following ECS file, when "Short.wav" ends (file ends), the chain
> operators attached to "Long.wav" (seem) to take on the attributes of the
> chain operators of "Short.wav". I can hear reverb of "Long.wav" in
> channel 2. But also, it sound like there's some phase shifting in both
> channels. With certain chain operators set a certain way (in
> "Short.wav") it can even (loop possibly?) and feedback once "Short.wav"
> ends.
> I changed "-z:mixmode,sum" to "-z:mixmode,avg" and the problem (almost)
> went away. I can hear reverb in channel 2 with "-z:mixmode,avg" set, but
> not as much.
> I'm running ecasound v2.4.3 and Planet CCRMA (FC3)
> Thanks,
> Rocco
> # general
> -b:128 -r:50 -z:nointbuf -z:nodb -n:ChainSetUp -X -z:noxruns -z:nopsr
> -z:mixmode,sum
> # audio inputs
> -a:1 -f:16,1,48000 -i:Long.wav
> -a:2,2.1 -f:16,1,48000 -i:Short.wav
> # audio outputs
> -a:1,2,2.1 -f:16,2,48000 -o:alsa,hw:0
> # chain operators and controllers
> -a:1 -erc:1,2 -ea:74 -epp:50 -efl:20000 -efh:4
> -a:2 -erc:1,2 -ea:80 -epp:0 -efl:20000 -efh:4
> -a:2.1 -erc:1,2 -ea:68 -epp:100 -efl:20000 -efh:4 -ete:52,200,99

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