[ecasound] Floating point exception with jackd

From: John Rigg <eca@email-addr-hidden-man.co.uk>
Date: Sun Jan 15 2006 - 01:54:22 EET

I've just compiled ecasound-2.4.3 and I'm getting some strange behaviour
when I use it with jackd. If I play a .wav file using eg. `ecasound test.wav'
it plays fine without jackd. With jackd running, however, I sometimes get the
following error at seemingly random times:

jackd[11125] trap divide error rip:405c60 rsp:42003110 error:0
Floating point exception

I'm not sure yet if it's a JACK bug or an ecasound bug.
Has anyone else on the list has encountered this?
My setup is:
Linux x86_64 SMP
jack 0.100.7 (also tried 0.100.9cvs and it was the same)
Debian unstable AMD64


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