[ecasound] howto play ecawave with jackd ?

From: Jürgen Schöneberg <jschoeni@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jan 11 2006 - 18:00:28 EET


I have installed Demudi, ecawave 0.6.1 , jackd 0.100.0, ecasound v2.4.3

I want to run ecawave with jack,
but when I want to play a WAV file , I just get: "error during operation"

* Message from libecasoundc:
* 'ECASOUND' environment variable not set. Using the default value
* value 'ECASOUND=ecasound'.

(ecaplay) Using audio format: s16_le,2,44099.
(ecaplay) Playing file 'harp.wav'.

(ecaplay) Interrupted, exiting...
harpo@email-addr-hidden:~/Harpo_sound/snapshot$ ecawave harp.wav
QObject::connect: No such signal QESession::engine_status(const string&)
QObject::connect: (sender name: 'session')
QObject::connect: (receiver name: 'statusbar')
(eca-oss): Device or resource busy

with just "ecawave harp.wav" it works fine with jack

I have a file

which look like :

ecasound-version = 2.4.3
midi-device = rawmidi,/dev/midi
default-output = autodetect
default-audio-format = s16_le,2,44100,i
default-to-precise-sample-rates = false
default-to-interactive-mode = false
default-mix-mode = avg
bmode-defaults-nonrt = 1024,false,50,false,100000,true
bmode-defaults-rt = 1024,true,50,true,100000,true
bmode-defaults-rtlowlatency = 256,true,50,true,100000,false
resource-directory = /usr/share/ecasound2.2/ecasound
resource-file-genosc-envelopes = generic_oscillators
resource-file-effect-presets = effect_presets
ladspa-plugin-directory = /usr/lib/ladspa
ext-cmd-text-editor = pico
ext-cmd-text-editor-use-getenv = true
ext-cmd-wave-editor = ecawave
ext-cmd-mp3-input = mpg123 --stereo -r %s -b 0 -q -s -k %o %f
ext-cmd-mp3-output = lame -b %B -s %S -x -S - %f
ext-cmd-ogg-input = ogg123 -d raw -o byteorder:%E --file=- %f
ext-cmd-ogg-output = oggenc -b %B --raw --raw-bits=%b --raw-chan=%c
s --raw-endianness 0 --output=%f -
ext-cmd-mikmod = mikmod -d stdout -o 16s -q -f %s -p 0 --noloops %f
ext-cmd-timidity = timidity -Or1S -id -s %s -o - %f
ext-cmd-flac-input = flac -d -c %f
ext-cmd-flac-output = flac -o %f --force-raw-format --channels=%c --bps=%b
ple-rate=%s --sign=%I --endian=%E -
ext-cmd-aac-input = faad -w -b 1 -f 2 -d %f
ext-cmd-aac-output = faac -P -o %f -R %s -B %b -C %c -

should I chance "default-output = autodetect" to jack_alsa ??? or something
like that?

thanks for help


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