Re: [ecasound] ecasound v2.4.3: segmentation fault

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Nov 20 2005 - 14:36:36 EET

On Thu, 17 Nov 2005, Mgr Jan Lana wrote:

> I have tried to precess my .ecs file (attached) with ecasound v2.4.3 and
> I alway get just the error message:
> (eca-chainsetup-parser) Set processing time to 354.02.
> Segmentation fault

Could you capture output of "ecasound -s sunar.ecs -ddd" and send the
results to me. Also, output of gdb would be useful:

gdb ecasound
gdb> r -s sunar.ecs
gdb> info threads
gdb> thread 0
gdb> bt
gdb> thread 1
gdb> bt
# and same for all threads listed by 'info threads'

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