[ecasound] ecasound v2.4.3: segmentation fault

From: Mgr Jan Lana <JanLana@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Nov 17 2005 - 16:54:41 EET


I have tried to precess my .ecs file (attached) with ecasound v2.4.3 and I alway get just the error message:
lana@email-addr-hidden:/pub/kniha$ ecasound sunar.ecs
* ecasound v2.4.3 (C) 1997-2005 Kai Vehmanen and others
(eca-session) Note! Interpreting option sunar.ecs as -s:sunar.ecs.
- [ Chainsetup created (file) ] ------------------------------------------------
(eca-chainsetup-parser) Set processing time to 354.02.
Segmentation fault

I have tried the debian (testing) standard package and I tried to compile the bits from source. Both fails with the same error.

Interesting is that 'ecasound -D sunar.ecs' works without problem. If I remove from the last line '-t:352.02', ecasound works well too.

- jenda

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