Re: [ecasound] set alsa inputs for ecasignalview

From: Peter Lutek <plutek@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Nov 03 2005 - 03:35:15 EET

Kai Vehmanen wrote:

> Hi,
> On Wed, 2 Nov 2005, Peter Lutek wrote:
>> nice to have the ability to reset the ecasignalview statistics with
>> the spacebar! thanks!
> thanks go to Jeffrey Cunningham for adding the feature! :)
>> question: how does one designate specific alsa input channels for
>> ecasignalview, since commas are disallowed in the input/output names?
>> i'm using an rme multiface, and wish to monitor channels 9 and 10 only.
> The no-commas-please limitation is an embarrassing bug of mine
> in 2.4.3. While waiting for 2.4.4, please use the snapshot at:
ok, cool.... that fixed the comma bug. now i find i can only access the
multiface through the plug layer (i.e. alsa,plug:1,0). when i use
alsa,hw:1,0 i get "error:device or resource busy". i know that the hdsp
devices (incl. multiface) operate in non-interleaved mode, which is a
problem for a lot of applications. could this be what i'm running up
against here? i know the plug layer takes care of that in other
applications, but i'd rather avoid it.

jack works fine, but i'm trying to be as lean as possible here. there's
also the issue of being unable to specify multiple jack clients in a
single chain setup or ecasignalview command line. so if i do:

ecasignalview -f:24,2,44100 jack test.wav

in order to record while monitoring levels, then i have to go and
manually hook up the two channels i want in jack, while ecasignalview is
already writing to the file. it's not ideal. it would be better to be
able to designate whichever jack clients i want ecasignalview to use, on
the command line. maybe it could all be scripted, using jack_connect...
i'll have to think about that.

sorry for all the questions!



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