[ecasound] data-logging with ecasound?

From: The Eye <michael.hellwig@email-addr-hidden-ulm.de>
Date: Thu Oct 20 2005 - 11:37:36 EEST


been a happy ecasound user for quite some years now, but always for the
originally intended use, i.e. sound recording.

Now here at the new department (physics, Uni Ulm) we were thinking that
a soundcard is quite a nifty tool, it provides two channels at 44100 Hz
.. so why not use it for data-logging?

So .. question is: can ecasound be coerced into writing to a clear-text
ascii file that could later be examined with gnuplot or some tool like
that? Or can raw/wav-files somehow be transformed to such a clear text

Any ideas from anyone?

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