Re: [ecasound] segv with -etf on amd64

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Oct 13 2005 - 10:23:53 EEST

On Mon, 3 Oct 2005, Junichi Uekawa wrote:

> I'm currently transitioning my main system to amd64,
> and found that I cannot use -etf flag.
> Anyone experiencing similar problems?

Hmm, this is very interesting, does this happen even with very
simple setups like "ecasound -i rtnull -o null -etf:20"...?

Ecasound's codebase has very little direct use of raw pointer arithmetic,
etc, even in the audio processing code, so portability problems have been
quite rare (except for .wav file handling, where there have been quite a
few endianess bugs during the years :( ).

I don't have a amd64 machine myself, so it would be nice if
others could test this as well...

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