Re: [ecasound] using copp-set with controllers

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Sep 02 2005 - 00:27:51 EEST


On Thu, 1 Sep 2005, Adam Linson wrote:

> OK, I just compiled the latest CVS version and tested. Taking your
> above example, everything works correctly when connecting and starting
> processing. There is one unexpected result for me: after the first
> MIDI-CC is received, the copp jumps to the lower-bound value given in
> the ctrl.

hmm, that shouldn't happen. I made some more changes to the CVS-tree, but
these shouldn't actually change the behaviour in any way. Anyways, I
couldn't reproduce this problem. Could you take the latest cvs and run the
test again. Specifically:

1) can you reproduce the test with:

- run qmidicontrol; position the 1st slider at 50%
- ecasound -i null -o rtnull -epp:50 -km:1,0,100,1,1 -Md:alsaseq,128:0 -c
- monitor with 'ctrl-status'; there shouldn't be any
   jump in controller values when you start moving the qmidicontrol sliders

2) if there are problems, try

- uncomment ecasound/libecasound/generic-controller.cpp:36
   (line: #define DEBUG_CONTROLLERS)
- recompile, and re-run above test with the addition
   of "2>errlog.txt" on the command-line
- you'll find a list of all ctrl values from errlog.txt - any
   invalid values should be visible

> -efl starts at 1500 (works as expected), but as soon as I send a
> MIDI-CC signal to increase the value, it begins increasing from 400
> rather than from 1500 (not expected). Likewise, an incremental
> decrease jumps straight from 1500 to 400 (also not expected).

Hmm, could this be a problem with the MIDI-CC? What are you using for

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