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From: Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas <pedro.lopez.cabanillas@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Aug 29 2005 - 08:53:05 EEST


> > $ ecasound -c \
> > -G:jack,ecasound,notransport \
> > -a:1,2 -i:jack -a:all -o jack \
> > -a:1 -ea:100 -km:1,0,100,7,1 -Md:alsaseq,80:1 \
> > -a:2 -ea:100 -km:1,0,100,1,1 -Md:alsaseq,80:0
> Only the first -Md counts. Any after that wil be ignored.

Yes. This is a limitation of the current implementation.

> One workaround in to use the alsa "virtual midi" device. (Google for it
> and you'll find a tute for setting it up.)

Although you still can use that trick, it is not necessary anymore. You can
make any number of connections to ecasound's ALSA port using external and
standard tools. The port parameter in -Md is optional, and it is only a quick
way to make a single sequencer connection to ecasound when you need just one.
So, you can use this command:

$ ecasound -c \
  -G:jack,ecasound,notransport \
  -a:1,2 -i:jack -a:all -o jack \
  -Md:alsaseq \
  -a:1 -ea:100 -km:1,0,100,7,1 \
  -a:2 -ea:100 -km:1,0,100,1,1
And, in a second terminal, you can use these commands to connect several ports
to ecasound:

$ aconnect 80:0 ecasound
$ aconnect 80:1 ecasound

Instead of aconnect, you can use the MIDI tab in QJackCtl connection window,
or any other connection tool for ALSA sequencer ports.


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