[ecasound] Stereo recording with Delta1010LT/ice1712

From: Maik Musall <lists@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Aug 26 2005 - 00:19:49 EEST


I have the M-Audio Delta1010LT card with 10 I/O channels and ice1712
chipset. I want to record 5 independent stereo sources simultaneously.
Before, I had three consumer audio cards, and recording worked with:

    ecasound -i:alsahw,0,0 -q -o stdout | ...
    ecasound -i:alsahw,1,0 -q -o stdout | ...
    ecasound -i:alsahw,2,0 -q -o stdout | ...

Now I'm puzzled how to combine the 10 channels into 5 stereo signals and
accessing them with ecasound. I've been trying hard, but most of the
corresponding alsa documentation seems to be focused on playback.
My hope is that anyone here uses a similar setup to record stereo with
ecasound and ice1712 hardware.

I connected a signal to the upper two channels, and I can see them in
envy24control. To record, I tried things like:

    ecasound -i:alsahw,radio -erc:7,1 -erc:8,2 -o:test.wav

but the file always contains silence. Yes, I unmuted all the channels.
My .asoundrc currently reads:

#### begin .asoundrc
pcm.ice1712 {
        type hw
        card 0

ctl.ice1712 {
        type hw
        card 0

pcm_slave.ice1712_s {
        pcm ice1712

ctl.radio {
        type hw
        card 0

pcm.radio {
        type multi
        slaves.a.pcm ice1712
        slaves.a.channels 10
        bindings.0.slave a
        bindings.0.channel 0
        bindings.1.slave a
        bindings.1.channel 1
        bindings.2.slave a
        bindings.2.channel 2
        bindings.3.slave a
        bindings.3.channel 3
        bindings.4.slave a
        bindings.4.channel 4
        bindings.5.slave a
        bindings.5.channel 5
        bindings.6.slave a
        bindings.6.channel 6
        bindings.7.slave a
        bindings.7.channel 7
        bindings.8.slave a
        bindings.8.channel 8
        bindings.9.slave a
        bindings.9.channel 9
#### end .asoundrc

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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