RE: [ecasound] Newcomer problem with loop device

From: Stuart Allie <Stuart.Allie@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Aug 25 2005 - 02:02:34 EEST

Hi All,

[ discussion about loop device selection ]
> But, but, thinking about this again, I guess we really should
> fix this,
> specifically for the case of loop-devices. I'm a bit worried
> about adding
> multiple ways to do the same stuff (after the fix, both Erno's and
> Stuart's version would work), but I guess in this case making the fix
> actually causes less confusion. What do you guys think?

I think it's nice to be able to have multiple lines that look like this:

-a:chain_name -i:some_input -o:some_output \
-a:other_chain -i:other_input -o:some_output

(It's easy for scripts to generate stuff like this.)

If some_output is clearly (unambiguously) meant to refer to the *same*
output (as is the case with loops) then I'd vote for the change to be

I often use loop devices like busses in hardware mixes - I might have a
loop device called reverb amd one called noreverb. Then if I have
multiple lines like above, I can just change the output of a single
chain to switch it from the reverb bus to the noreverb bus.

> > it doesn't cause any other problems.
> That's an accurate description of the algorithm. :) The above
> fix would
> help with Erno's case, but break many current uses of
> "c-select, ai-add,
> ao-edd, ai-attach, ao-attach, etc" interactive mode commands.
> But I do
> agree with the basic idea...

There are two possible interpretations of "attach an input/output to
selected chains." One is the current implementation where all chains
that are currently connected to that input/output are disconnected
first, then all the selected chains are connected. This is really
"attach input/output to *only* the selected chains."

The other interpretation is what would happen if we removed the
disconnect stage. Then it becomes "attach the input/output to the
selected chains, but not exclusively."

I can see time when both uses wold be applicable in interactive-mode, so
possibly the best thing is to add a new iam command "ai/o-attach-only"
that does the attachment without the disconnect. Or, if the
no-disconnect behaviour becomes the default, then add "ai/o-ex-attach"
for exclusive attachement.



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