[ecasound] Newcomer problem with loop device

From: erno palonheimo <esp@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Aug 23 2005 - 13:31:05 EEST


I am having trouble with loop device. The setup is as follows:

% ecasound \
-a:master -i:loop,1 -o:jack_auto,alsa_pcm \
-a:tape -i:jack_generic,audio_in -o:loop,1 \
-a:mic -i:jack_auto,alsa_pcm -o:loop,1

This results in error message:

(eca-session) Note! Unable to create a valid chainsetup from the command-line
... arguments.
(eca-chainsetup) Unable to connect: Chain "tape" is not valid. Following errors

... were detected:
(eca-chainsetup) Chain "tape" is not connected to any output. All chains must
... exactly one valid output. (2.2-NO-CHAIN-OUTPUT)
(eca-chainsetup) WARNING: Output "loop,1" is not connected to any chain.

If I omit either "mic" or "tape" chain, it'll work just fine. This must be
something very obvious, no? What am I doing wrong here?

erno palonheimo, soundman, coder, b-class organ player
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