Re: [ecasound] longlived pyeca.ECA_CONTROL_INTERFACE(0) looses sync

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Aug 21 2005 - 18:32:20 EEST

On Sun, 3 Jul 2005, Eric Dantan Rzewnicki wrote:

> In a python eci script I tried starting one pyeca.ECA_CONTROL_INTERFACE(0)
> and reusing it for many chainsettups. If I reuse the same ecasound instance
> in this way for long enough eventually cmd_cnt and last_cnt get out of sync:
> (ecasoundc_sa) Error='read() error', cmd='ctrl-add
> -klg:1,0,98,3,0,0,0.168,0.044,0.575354166667,0' last_error='' cmd_cnt=1978
> last_cnt=1977.

This means that something has gone wrong with the engine (segfault, some
other odd event), which has caused it to output something that pyeca
cannot parse. Further communication will be impossible...

It's pretty difficult to debug these issues. First thing would be to test
this with both native python (--enable-pyecasound=python) implementation,
and the C-based one (--enable-pyecasound=c). Be sure to delete (C-impl) before running the native tests.

If both produce same results, then the problem is in the ecasound engine.
Otherwise the bug is in one of the python ECI implementations.

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