[ecasound] Re: FreeBSD-5.x ecasound issues

From: Valery <valery@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Aug 08 2005 - 19:10:30 EEST

Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thu, 7 Apr 2005, Valery wrote:
>> I just do that (2.4.0), but the problem was still.
>> Well, some guys like me (ie. using oss/fbsd) must know :
> [...]
>> ********** WARNING WARNING FREEBSD/OSS-3.99.x USERS ***************
>> - DON'T FORGET TO COPY YOUR ${OSSLIBPREFIX}/oss/include/sys/*
>> (or any product using your sound card)
>> *******************************************************************
>> Perhaps adding this tips to your Docs... Hope this post would be
>> registered by search engine...
> thanks for this info. If you can point me to (the sources of) an audio
> app that uses, and can be compiled without the above error on FreeBSD
> 5.x, I might able to fix the Ecasound build system to handle this case.
i don't know one on my side.
It's difficult to say who do what, and especially when including some of
a third part software (does any version of OSS copy or not its headers
files in /usr/src/sys ? Sure the 3.99 doesn't, but the others ?).
Well, perhaps could you handle this error including youself the required
headers when OSS is in use : the user specific OSSLIBDIR path is
recorded in /etc/oss.conf like a shell var. eg:
OSSLIBDIR=/usr/local/lib/oss and the src header files reside in :
Perhaps including some #IFDEF FBSD_OSS in your own files, FBSD_OSS being
set to YES by user at compile time.
I think it's an end-user issue.
Logically, OSS cannot install himself its files because it will
overwrite the FreeBSD original distrib (like 'soundcard.h' for example).

> Anyways, this info should be in the web search engine dbs by now.
>> I got just this warning :
>> DBC_CHECK failed - "sizeof(long int) == sizeof(off_t)",
>> eca-fileio-stream.cpp, 159
>> when recording from dsp to .wav diskfile, but not when passing through
>> from a dsp to another dsp
>> Nevertheless, the .wav file seem to be good and is audible.
>> If any advices about that ...
> Ok, I've fixed this today in CVS. The failed check is harmless in this
> case. Btw, does compiling with "./configure --enable-largefile" work
> under FreeBSD 5.x?

i'll try as soon i'll get time to do.


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