Re: [ecasound] 2.4.1 daemon mode

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Jul 10 2005 - 19:58:02 EEST


On Sat, 25 Jun 2005, Pierre Lorenzon wrote:

> Why is the daemon mode always associated
> with the interactive mode ? Indeed even if you
> start ecasound in daemon mode i.e. as a server,
> there is still console with an ecasound running.
> It means that you may not this console for other tasks.

yes, that's how it works now.

As a little background, the daemon mode has been in ecasound
for quite a while, but so far I know only of one or two people besides
me who are actually using it. There are probably more, but still,
I've received very littly feedback on it.

Now personally I use it solely in combination with ecamonitor (comes
with ecasound). I use the main console (one running in --daemon mode)
for controlling my recording and mixing sessions, and the ecamonitor
running in a second console to see what is happening in the setup while
I'm recording myself playing something (cannot type commands while
playing :)).

So this probably explains why --daemon behaves as it does currently.
But I'm open to suggestions...

> Finally ecasound's behavior depends on the order the
> options on the command line and not only on the options
> themselves. It might confuse the user !

Yes, but this is essential part of how ecasound's command-line option
syntax works. Many functions (like specifying complex chainsetups from the
command-line) could not be realized without ordered options.

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