[ecasound] new features to EIAM and ecasignalview, 2.4.2-snapshot-20050710

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Jul 10 2005 - 19:51:37 EEST

Hello list,

first, sorry for the lack of responses lately, I've been on vacation
without access to email/computers for a while.

I've processed my mailbox from those mails which have contained patches to
Ecasound. Today I committed two of these, one from Jeffrey Cunningham and
one from Stuart Allie. These were both very nice additions to Ecasound --
thanks guys for the patches!

The ecasignalview user-interface has changed a bit, let me know what do
you think.

Snapshot that includes all the recent changes is available at:

Here're the changes since 2.4.1 release:
         - added: eiam - ctrlp-list, ctrlp-selected, ctrlp-get, ctrlp-select
                  and ctrlp-set commands; the last two are RT-commands;
                  see ecasound-iam(1) for more info [allies]
         - added: ecasignalview - ability to reset stats with 'spacebar'
                  and quit with 'q/Q/Esc'; separate logarithmic mode (enable
                   with -L, see also -I which is still the default);
                  display of per-channel average amplitude; see
                  ecasignalview(1) man page for details [jeffrey]
         - changed: various small updates to User's Guide
         - changed: ecasound user-visible copyright string changed
         - changed: minor changes to ecasignalview user-interface
         - fixed: using ecasound.spec with recent versions of rpm
                  results in a "%package debuginfo" error [kaiv]
         - fixed: problems in saving ewf objects with cs-save,
                  cs-save-as and cs-edit [kaiv]
         - fixed: controllers were always added to the last
                   chainop, not to the selected chain operator [allies]

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