[ecasound] Joining wav via command line

From: jacob strachotta <jacob@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jun 29 2005 - 10:17:59 EEST


Išm going to give it a try. Donšt know if this is the correct mailing list.
If not then please direct me to one you think would be appropriate for my

I need to join two soundfiles (or more ) wav format 44.1Khz and 16bit. The
result would be a soundfile that last appx. 15 minutes.

Then this soundfile should be merged with an 25 minutes long 44.1Khz and 16
bit wav file (generating an underlaying soundscape to the above soundfile).
The merge should be done without taking note of different length of the
above soundfile.

Do you know of any soundprogs that can do this via command line?.... And can
be run on a server where this proces can be ordered via an homepage?...
(through some scripting...php or python)...

Can i do this with ecasound?

I appriciate your answers.




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