Re: [ecasound] Unattended Audio Recording / Archiving

From: Free Lunch <freelunch@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 17:05:43 EEST

> I'm now trying to get ecasound to save automatically every hour with a
> timestamped file, seemlessly starting a new file.

I have numerous similar requirements and unfortunately, ecasound can't
do it today.

In addition to my own live concert recording needs, I have a friend
who is in a band.. They are just some guys in a basement. We want to
have a microphone in his studio start recording whenever it is turned
on and there is sound present. It should continue until there is
silence for a configurable amount of time after. In this case, the
mic is plugged into a headless Linux box with a sound card.

What ecasound could really use is the ability to set a file size or
time limit. That way, at every 200 MB or 2GB or 20 minutes, it could
start a new recording file (ideally, gapless). There are a Lot of
folks who could use that feature. It seems to ecome up here in one
form or another pretty regularly.

With that feature, it would be easy to write a wrapper script which
automatically restarted ecasound over and over. Since ecasound already
has a feature to not start recording until the volume reaches a
certain level, that part is done. If the file splits were set at 10
minutes, it would mean that there would be at most 10 minutes of
silence following a session, etc.



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