[ecasound] hq-resampling with ecasound ( now what ? )

From: Kamil Wencel <wencel@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 - 21:13:30 EEST

Hi ecasounders,

it has been a while since the last subject used to be a line like now. Again the dark
forces have struk
and try to sabotage my plans ( maybe it is users stupidity as well, though )

After we have solved all ecasound internal issues regarding HQ resampling I wanted to
take a step forward
using jack inbetween hardware and audioplayer.

#> jackd -R -dalsa --device hw:1 --rate 96000 --playback --nperiods 8

#> ecasound -B:rtlowlatency -b:128 -f:32,2,96000 -i resample-hq,44100,'audiofile.wav'
-f:32,2,96000 -o jack

The soundcard is a RME Digi96Pro and it works formidable when utilized like this :

#> ecasound -B:rtlowlatency -b:128 -f:32,2,96000 -i
resample-hq,44100,'audiofile.wav' -f:32,2,96000 -o alsa,rme96

But, as soon as I plug jack inbetween it took me hours to get any sound out of it.
And when it finally did it sounded
worse than the old broken ecasound upsampling. Instead of fine music you get your
music again overlayed
by noise and scratches. Since the problem was fixed in ecasound I suspect jack to be
the devil here. But then
again it could be alsa, alsa-jack, the ecasound-jack module or the soundcard itself.
I am fresh out of options.

Can anybody reproduce that kind of behaviour ? Has anyone had any experiences like
that ? Does anyone have
a clue where to start searching ?

With kind regards to all of you

Kamil Wencel
RADION Digital Research & Innovation


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