[ecasound] ewf file don't work?

From: Benoit DELAGARDE <benoit@email-addr-hidden-of-mist.com>
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 15:33:05 EEST

Hi all.

I'm using ecasound (v2.4.1) on a debian (recentlly sable) sarge.

I want to insert a short sound (a BIP) in a wav file.
After reading documentation, the only way i fonund to do that is to use
the ewf format. If there is another way, can any one explain me?

But I enconter problem and I don't understant why.
My file mark1.ewf:

source = mark.wav
offset = 10
start-position = 0.0

My file mark2.ewf
source = mark.wav
offset = 20
start-position = 0.0

"ecasound -i mark1.ewf -o /dev/dsp" give me a sound after 10s and the
"ecasound -i mark2.ewf -o /dev/dsp" just quit after 20s

Does any know why?

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