[ecasound] instant gui for ecasound

From: Stuart Allie <Stuart.Allie@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Jun 03 2005 - 03:54:00 EEST

Hi List,

I had an idea the other day for a quick-and-dirty gui for ecasound. I
used qmidicontrol - a qt-based midi slider box - to control the level
and pan setting for a bunch of chains.

I used the following steps to make this happen:

1. Install a "virtual midi" device. Say this is rawmidi device 1 (0 is
my soundcard).

2. Run qmidicontrol with 8 controls, output on channel 0 (channel 1in

3. Connect qmidicontrol to the virtual midi device (with aconnect, or
alsa-patch-bay for example).

4. Start ecasound with -Md:rawmidi,/dev/snd/midiC1D0 since the virtual
midi device is number 1.

In the chain setup, have chain operators something like this:

-a:kick -ea:100 -km:1,0,200,1,1 -epp:50 -km:1,0,100,2,1
-a:snare -ea:100 -km:1,0,200,3,1 -epp:50 -km:1,0,100,4,1
-a:toms -ea:100 -km:1,0,200,5,1 -epp:50 -km:1,0,100,6,1
-a:hihat -ea:100 -km:1,0,200,7,1 -epp:50 -km:1,0,100,8,1

Now the first two sliders control the level and pan of the "kick" chain,
and so on. I played with this last night and it worked quite well.

If you run ecasound in interactive mode (-c) you can get the current
value of any chain-operator with cop-status, so you can set these as
static values later if you want. I used this method to get the levels
and pan setting I wanted then changed the sliders to act as parametric
eq controls for further tweaking.

Hope this helps somebody out there.



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