[ecasound] ecasound features slow recording

From: Hans <hansfong@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat May 28 2005 - 23:35:02 EEST

Hello list,

I've stumbled upon a problem with no clue yet where to start looking for
a solution.

I am converting some old tapes into wav files. The box is a Celeron 700
with the latest updated version of simplyMEPIS, ALSA to control the
Intel 82810 sound chip on board. Direct to disk recording is done with
ecasound and the following options: -t 1800 -i alsahw,0,0 -o
filename.wav. A song which lasts 4'35" on tape ends up as a 5'03" wave
file, so much slower and dropped in tone. Is this an ecasound problem,
ALSA problem, or both?

I tried to record with an Terratec EWX 24/96, which is the second card
in the box, but ecasound refuses to take -i alsahw,1,0 which I don't
understand as card works fine for playback. Using JACK everything works
like a charm, even recording with the Terratec, but I am stubborn and
still want to know what I am doing wrong.

Lend me your brains, pleaze!


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