Re: [ecasound] reset "over" counters in ecasignalview?

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 22:37:42 EEST

On Fri, 20 May 2005, Peter Lutek wrote:

> ecasound starts writing ch1.wav, ch2.wav, etc. immediately after STEP2,
> writing blank audio until STEP3, when audio input is supplied, and then
> writes normally (undisturbed by the HUP) until STEP5. so, i end up with a
> period of silence at the beginning of all output files, corresponding to
> the delay between STEP2 and STEP3.
> shouldn't the ecasound-iam "start" be the trigger for file-writing, rather
> than the start of a separate ecasignalview process?

All these problems are caused by the fact that both ecasound and
ecasignalview are JACK-transport aware. So when you issue "start" in
ecasound, also ecasignalview will start, and when issue "stop", also
ecasignalview will stop. In the reverse direction (and this happens in
your example), launching ecasignalview causes also ecasound to start.

Now when JACK-transport support was introduced initially, there was some
discussion on what the default behaviour should be. It was decided that
full support ("-G:jack,ecasound,sendrecv") is the best default. But, but,
I guess for ecasignalview this really doesn't make that much sense. I'll
add this for my 2.4.2 todo-list.

But an easy solution for your problem is to add "-G:jack,ecasound,send" to
the ecasound command-line. After this, ecasound will only send transport
change event, but not react to any incoming events (possibly sent by
ecasignalview or some other transport-aware app).

PS More info about JACK-transport mechanism can be found at:

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