Re: [ecasound] play audio file to selected channel

From: Julien Claassen <>
Date: Mon May 16 2005 - 11:27:32 EEST

Hi Martin!
  Depends if you're on the right way. If you just want to play a piece to
specific channels constantly. If so, this is possible. You will need the right
.asoundrc (alsa configuration), you can get help from the linux-audio-user
list or the alsa-user list there.
  If you created a device in the .asoundrc, you can access it like this:
  ecasound -i file.wav -o alsa,my_device [other options as you choose]
  If you want to have it moving, I would suggest using tool more suited to it:
csound (nasty language at first, but effective and powerful), clm
(commonLispMusic). In the case of more complicated work, keep a look out for
them and other synthesizers, audio/video modeling apps.
  I hope that helps!
  Kindest regards

Music was my first love and it will be my last (John Miles)

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