Re: [ecasound] Cannot connect to JACK Ecasound with Jack - 'Error! Cannot connect to JACK ... server!'

From: Free Lunch <freelunch@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Apr 15 2005 - 19:38:55 EEST


I thought I would post an update on my experience recording a live
show last night with ecasound, ecasignalview, jack and ALSA.

I was recording using an Edirol UA-1A into a Sony Vaio R505-EL laptop
running KNOPPIX 3.81 with the kernel (latest stable).

Something bad happened at one point.. My first WAV ended at 471707692
bytes. Fortunately, I ran everything under wrapper scripts to
automatically re-start any applications that failed (jackd, ecasound,
ecasignal). Unfortunately, I didn't log the output from the software
so there isn't really any diag info available.

The second WAV was recorded until I shutdown to switch batteries at
533MB and I am aware of no issues. The final set was recorded to a
single 738MB WAV. Everything was done in CD format.

One serious glitch occurs when I terminate ecasignalview with an
interrupt. It often causes ecasoundview to also terminate (and my
recording!). I assume that is not expected behavior? I think there
was a message about 'audio chain broken'. I will try and reproduce.

I would still like to run ecasound and ecasignalview simultaneously
without Jack, if that is possible. Simpler is better in these cases.



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