Re: [ecasound] (eca-control) ERROR: Connecting chainsetup failed

From: Valery <valery@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Apr 07 2005 - 18:25:34 EEST

Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Apr 2005, Valery wrote:
>> having some trouble to start ecasound ;
>> System : FreeBSD 5.3
>> ecasound: 2.2.4
> [...]
>> (eca-control) ERROR: Connecting chainsetup failed: "Enabling
>> chainsetup: AUDIOIO-OSS: general OSS error SNDCTL_DSP_GETBLKSIZE"
> Please upgrade to 2.3.5 or newer. From the 2.3.5 changelog:
> --cut--
> 12112004 (v2.3.5) -** stable release **-
> [...]
> - changed: do not raise an error when opening an OSS device that
> does not support SNDCTL_DSP_GETBLKSIZE
> --cut--
Thank for your reply.
I just do that (2.4.0), but the problem was still.
Well, some guys like me (ie. using oss/fbsd) must know :

********** WARNING WARNING FREEBSD/OSS-3.99.x USERS ***************
   (or any product using your sound card)
Huum, when installing oss for freebsd, this is not set, and
you'll use your old soundcard.h which doesn't set appropriate value.

Desinstalling 2.4.0 and compiling/installing with the good soundcard.h
correct Ecasound error, and all is nice now.

Perhaps adding this tips to your Docs... Hope this post would be
registered by search engine...

Thank, Ecasound run well, very nice product (the goal to replace
an old Tascam is ok for me now !)

I got just this warning :
    DBC_CHECK failed - "sizeof(long int) == sizeof(off_t)",
    eca-fileio-stream.cpp, 159
when recording from dsp to .wav diskfile, but not when passing through
from a dsp to another dsp
Nevertheless, the .wav file seem to be good and is audible.
If any advices about that ...

take care,

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