Re: [ecasound] Quad mixer with jack

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 11:19:58 EEST


On Mon, 4 Apr 2005, Andres Cabrera wrote:

> (BTW I tried searching the list archives, but the sourceforge mailing
> list page for ecasound says no lists for ecasound...)

as ecasound-list was only recently moved to, the list
archive services are not used (as they would be incomplete). You can find
the official archives at -> "Mailing lists".

> and gemini.eca contains:
> -a 1 -i jack_auto,Absynth-1 -ea 50 -o loop,1
> -a 2 -i jack_auto,Absynth-1 -ea 10 -o loop,2
> -a 3 -i jack_auto,Absynth-2 -ea 50 -o loop,1
> -a 4 -i jack_auto,Absynth-2 -ea 50 -o loop,2
> -a 5 -i jack_auto,pm4 -ea 10 -o loop,1
> -a 6 -i jack_auto,pm4 -ea 50 -o loop,2
> -a 7 -i jack_auto,OrangeVocoder -ea 50 -o loop,1
> -a 8 -i jack_auto,OrangeVocoder -ea 10 -o loop,2
> -a 10 -i loop,1 -o jack_generic,Front
> -a 11 -i loop,2 -o jack_generic,Back

You cannot specify audio objects multiple times (for example multiple
instances of "-o loop,1"). Instead you can do:

-a:1 -i jack_auto,Absynth-1 -ea:50
-a:2 -i jack_auto,Absynth-1 -ea:10
-a:3 -i jack_auto,Absynth-2 -ea:50
-a:4 -i jack_auto,Absynth-2 -ea:50
-a:5 -i jack_auto,pm4 -ea:10
-a:6 -i jack_auto,pm4 -ea:50
-a:7 -i jack_auto,OrangeVocoder -ea:50
-a:8 -i jack_auto,OrangeVocoder -ea:10

-a:1,3,5,7 -o loop,1
-a:2,4,6,8 -o loop,2

-a:10 -i loop,1 -o jack_generic,Front
-a:11 -i loop,2 -o jack_generic,Back

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