Re: [ecasound] Ecasound 2.3.5 released

From: Junichi Uekawa <dancer@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Mar 28 2005 - 01:52:06 EEST


> I guess a valid work-around is to set -DPKGDATADIR in AM_CPPFLAGS and make
> sure no foobar_CPPFLAGS variables are defined in the same (as
> those override AM_CPPFLAGS). Does this sound ok?

Actually, as you point out, I'm not quite sure about older automaken.
If you don't mind breaking old automake versions, and if your tests
sound positive with the automake 1.8/1.9 or whatever version you are
using, that should be okay with me.

> > I will probably be able to work around them; but I think
> > automake/autoconf supports having DATADIR etc set at 'make' time
> > (depending on the 'prefix' value). Which will be broken in this approach.
> Hmm, that's true. So should it be possible to do:
> make install pkgdatadir=/usr/foo/share-ecasound
> ...? If yes, then config.h cannot be used and $pkgdatadir must be passed
> in AM_CPPFLAGS of libecasound/

It's not a recommended way to do it, but some people do
make install PREFIX=tmp/usr
which will break.
I would always use DESTDIR in that case; but who knows...

I would just document the assumption somewhere and drop that support
if it's a pain to maintain.
You should let automake do the work for you, and not you work
for automake :)


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