[ecasound] Seeing compression amount of LADSPA compressor?

From: Iain Duncan <iainduncan@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Mar 27 2005 - 06:41:57 EEST

Hi, I am planning on using ecasound to host midi and api controlled
LADSPA plugins for live mastering, specifically compression and eq. I'd
like to be able to assign midi controls or have other apps control the
parameters, so ecasound seems like the right host. But on the other
hand, being able to see the audio levels going in and the gain reduction
amount is pretty helpful for setting them right. Is there some way to do
this with ecasound? Does ecamegapedal do this? And, if I use
ecamegapedal for the gui, is it still possible to easily assign midi
controls or use the api to control parameters?


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