[ecasound] 2.4.1-snapshot20050317; playlist mode to ecaplay, etc

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 21:49:12 EET

Hello list,

I've put together another snapshot release. It's available at:


One major addition in this release is the new playlist mode to ecaplay
tool. I don't know how useful this feature will be to others, but it's
something I've wanted for a while and now decided to implement. I often
like to use console tools for listening to music. Using ecaplay for this
purpose is a nice way to combine music listening to constantly testing
the engine with different kinds of input files. :)

To utilize playlists, you can queue tracks with "ecaplay -q some.mp3
other.flac" and then start playback with "ecaplay -p". More tracks can be
queued while another ecaplay is running. See the ecaplay(1) man page for a
complete description of the available options.

Other changes since 20050313 snapshot are:
         - note: verified to work with automake versions 1.5, 1.6
                 and 1.9
         - added: playlist mode to ecaplay
         - added: ecaplay - better error reporting, feature to reset
                  output device audio parameters for each new input
                  file, support for ECAPLAY_OUTPUT_DEVICE environment
                  variable; see ecatools(1) for more info
         - changed: Ecasound Programmer's Guide converted from LaTeX
                    to ascii/rst
         - changed: moved definitions from acconfig.h to configure.in;
                    gets rid of the AC_DEFINE warnings produced by
                    recent versions of autoheader
         - changed: various small improvements to all ecatools and
                    the related manpages

And a note about the programmer's guide (clip from upcoming release
   The Ecasound Programming Guide has been rewritten in
   plain ascii (used to be LaTeX) with optional support for
   reStructured text. I recommended packaging only the
   ascii version (ecasound_programmers_guide.txt) to the
   distribution package. Although there are make rules for
   creating the html version with rst2html (from python-docutils
   package), these are not meant for general use.

   There have been no changes to the other manuals (ECI and
   User's guides).

Sorry for the format/tool hassle, but I thought it bes to concentrate the
measly maintenance/update efforts to a single format. No changes are
excepted for ECI and User's Guides. These are intended for much wider
audience, so LaTeX/pdf/html makes sense.

  Audio software for Linux!
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