[ecasound] Jack transport problem

From: olivier guilyardi <ojaiml@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Mar 06 2005 - 21:14:09 EET


Ecasound behaves weirdly in regard to jack transport. When I pause jack playback
ecasound exits, making it pretty unusable as a sample source. What I need is
just ecasound to launch and obey jack transport's play/stop/locate commands,
staying up until I explicitly tell it to shutdown (Ctrl-C).

AFAIK, this is what to expect from a jack client that responds to the transport
mechanism. But the way ecasound disappears, all connections are lost, and
there's no way for my work to get done.

This behaviour can easily be reproduced with something like :

$ ecasound -i basse.ewf -o jack -G:jack,ecasound,recv

$ jack_transport
jack_transport> play
jack_transport> stop

On this last command ecasound will close. I'd like to be able to hit play and
stop as many times as I need with ecasound staying up.

Btw, thanks for this great software. Ecasound's been pretty useful to my musical
productions for the last couple of years.

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