Re: [ecasound] OSS vs ALSA for Andrew Morton's low-latency patches

From: Kamil Wencel <wencel@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Feb 16 2005 - 00:15:02 EET

Hi ecasounders,

while having a quick glance over CCRMA I was reluctant not to have that
kind of option for gentoo.
that inspired the following idea : same concept as CCRMA ( absolute
audio / latency focus )
but gentoo linux based. some kind of slightly altered gentoo mini
distribution with modified
bootstrap / ebuild scripts which take care of a consistent audiophile
linux distribution.

would someone be interested in the idea of launching a gentoo portage
tree based linux
distro with strong audio focus ? it shouldn't be too hard to realize. we
could create the
bootstrap script, an audiosystem ebuild script according to CCRMA and
put both
on some webspace. we would have all gentoo portage benefits combined
with an already
approved bunch of applications. All freshly build from stage one. No
overhead, nothing

what do you think ?

Aaron Heller wrote:
> Craig... I've been using ecasound and ALSA from the CCRMA distribution
> which includes low-latency kernels w/ALSA.
> ( I've used it with the
> Delta 1010 and Delta 66 and get flawless performance -- no dropped samples,
> no other funny business (and I think I'm pretty finicky about this stuff).
> The machine is a 900MHz Via mini-ITX. I haven't made the leap to the 2.6
> kernels because the CCRMA 2.4.26 kernel, which includes an assortment of
> low-latency patches, is working well for me. I've also written some of my
> own LADSPA plugins.
> The executive summary is: go for it. The CCRMA distro makes it pretty easy.

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