[ecasound] Help understanding -B -b and -z options

From: Cassettes2CDs <cassettes2cds@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Feb 15 2005 - 22:48:23 EET

Dear ecasounders,

Wow, I got so much instant gratification with my
ALSA-vs-OSS question, that I'd like to hit you with
this one as well:

I do bunches and bunches of stereo 32-bit recording
with ecasound and my M-Audio Delta 1010LT's. I
currently do up to 8 stereo pairs at once, but don't
need them to be -sychronized- with each other at all.

So the sound's latency on its way to the disk doesn't
really matter to me.

The recording process is very fragile, though, and if
the computer does anything disk-y, I drop frames. To
help this:
  1) I've already futzed with hdparm, with impressive
  2) I'm making the move to Andrew Morton's
     patches (drumroll please...), and
  3) I'm considering building a RAID-0 disk array,

but you know what, I bet there's still mileage to be
gotten from

  0) just using the -B, -b and -z options correctly.

Right now, my command lines look like this:

ecasound -z:db -r -b 8192 -f 32,2,44100,i -i /dev/dsp5
-el valve,0.015,0.015 -f 32,2,44100,i -o filename.raw

So my -z is "db," my -b is "8192," and I don't even
use -B.

So I don't -really- know what I'm doing here, and if
anyone could help me understand how these three (or
other?) options pertain to preventing skips and
dropouts, well there will be a soul in Seattle that
you will have made quite happy.

Until then,
--Craig Meyer
  Seattle WA

--Craig Meyer
  Customer Service

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