[ecasound] using copp-set with controllers

From: Adam Linson <adam.linson@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Feb 13 2005 - 20:42:29 EET


I'm running the 20041222 snapshot and have a couple of issues which
may or may not apply to earlier versions...

I noticed that while running IA-mode, copp-set does not work when a
controller is attached to the chain operator. while I can understand
why that would be the case for oscillators, I can't see why it
shouldn't work, for example, in the following scenarios:

1) using a linear fade (-kl), say, to change from -ea:0 to -ea:100 in
5 seconds.* Now 30 seconds later, I want to manually change the
amplification (with copp-set). This won't work.

another case:

2) I attach a MIDI-controller (-km) to an "-ea". Now I can only
modify the cop with the MIDI-controller, not from the command line
(with copp-set). Seems like this could be useful.

And finally, I have a request which might be related to #2. When using
-km, once the engine is started, the attached copp is set to the -km
start-value. I was wondering if it would be possible to use the
initial copp value as the "default" initial value (the -km start- and
end-values would continue to function as upper and lower bounds). Here
is one example which clarifies what I am talking about and where the
requested feature would be extremely useful:
... -epp:50 -km:1,0,100,1,1 ...
currently, once the engine is started, the -epp jumps to 0 and must be
set back to 50 with a MIDI-controller. It would be nice if it would
stay at 50 until it receives a MIDI-message.

Thanks for all the help.


*(Related bug: with this example, the value never reaches 100, only
99.846 -- I think this might be a snapshot-related problem not present
in earlier versions(?)).

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