[ecasound] OSS vs ALSA for Andrew Morton's low-latency patches

From: Cassettes2CDs <cassettes2cds@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Feb 13 2005 - 10:20:47 EET

Dear fellow ecasounders,

This is a request for advice and opinions, and not for
a solution to a particular problem per se. I hope
that "takes the edge off."

I've been ecasounding with my M Audio Delta 1010LT's
(and commercial OSS driver) for three years now in my
cassettes2cds.com business, and all has been going

However, I can't seem to keep OSS from locking up the
computer now that I've upgraded the kernel (2.4.7 ->
2.4.22) in order to use the Andrew Morten low-latency
patches, which I'm sure many of you know all about.
I've put in a solid day of hacking "this" and
recompiling "that," and am running out of ideas.

(Who knows, maybe the low-latency stuff is what's
crashing it?)

So I'm at a fork in the road here. Either I invest a
few more days of frustration into making OSS work, or
I just give and switch to ALSA by default.

For what it's worth, all I do is 32-bit 44100samp/sec
stereo recording, running the sound through one
special LADSPA plugin I've written.

What do -you- think I should do? Am I right that I've
only really heard of the low-latency patches being
used with ALSA, and not OSS? Or is one no better than
the other? Etc.

Thanks for all the pointers you can give me. I can
feel that this is one of those times when 10 or 20
words from someone else who knows better will light
the way for me. Let those words be yours,
--Craig Meyer
  Seattle WA

--Craig Meyer
  Customer Service

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