Re: [ecasound] Issue with mixing of the files

From: LinuxMedia <linuxmedia2@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Feb 11 2005 - 02:35:09 EET

> I am having another
> issue at some places in my mixed file I have SPIKES when
> I see the file in the audio file editor. These spikes
> weren't there is the original files and got inserted at the
> boundary where the two files join. Have you seen it before?
> These SPIKES cause audible 'click'.

I had been doing some mixing and looping with ewf files, but I just
fired up ecasound and did some accurate tests on this.

I increased the "length" feild by +-.001 until 3.553 was the best. I
thought I found the right length, but clicks showed up later as I listen
for a while. So I started adjusting by +-.0001 until I got to 3.5527 and
that seemed to eliminate any clicking (I listened for quit a while and
the clicks didn't show up later either).

I was fooled many times by thinking I found the right length by
adjusting by a +-.001, but discovered clicking (later) as loop played.
The only way I could get a click-free loop was to pin-point to +-.001
(first) and then if the best setting still produced clicks (listen to
the loop for quite a while) then start adjusting by +-.0001

Let me know how it worked out,

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