[ecasound] -ei limits

From: Eric Dantan Rzewnicki <eric@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Feb 09 2005 - 16:17:02 EET

Hi Kai,

A little while ago you asked if there were any issues with resampling.
The -ei effect is still limited. I've opened up my version in
audiofx_misc.cpp line 105:

const int EFFECT_PITCH_SHIFT::resample_low_limit = 250;

and line 119:

     double highlimit = 25000.0f;

I haven't done extensive quality tests, but it at least works. I
couldn't open it up all the way to 256x as supported by libsamplerate.
Doing so caused errors that looked like the engine was starving or
something. Sorry not to be more specific. If I can find time I'll try to
make a better report, but I just wanted to send a quick note to see if
you might have time to look into it before releasing 2.3.6

Eric Rz.

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