Re: [ecasound] ecasound and ladspa

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Feb 05 2005 - 16:30:55 EET


On Tue, 25 Jan 2005, Julien Claassen wrote:

> 1. Can ecasound display ladspa control outputs?

yes, with either cop-status or copp-get EIAM commands.

> 2. If a ladspa plugin outputs two different things in two different
> audio-outputs, can I put them into two different channels?
> E.g.: I take the com_splitter (1411) plugin and want output 1 and output 2
> in two different locations, how should I do it? Should the input really have
> only one channel?

Yes, you need to feed the splitter a stereo audio stream, with valid
data on the first channel. The resulting stereo output stream will
contain splitter's outputs 1&2. So something like:

ecasound -f:16,1,44100 -i mono.wav -erc:1,2 -el:com_splitter -f:16,2,44100 -o stereo.wav

Ecasound tries to map ports of multi-channel LADSPA plugins to
matching channels of an Ecasound chain. If this fails (the chain
doesn't have sufficient in and out channels), Ecasound instantiates
multiple plugins and uses them in mono/1ch mode.

> 3. Can I use a ladspa-plugin as a controller (like the -k* options)
> Kindest regards

Unfortunately this is not possible.

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